Mum’s body found after Arizona relatives go missing on kayaking trip to Mexico

Body found during search for missing relatives by kayak in Mexico GoFundMe

The body of a mum who disappeared in a kayaking accident has been found off the coast of Mexico (Picture: GoFundMe)

A body found off a Mexican beach has been confirmed to be a missing mother during a Thanksgiving kayaking trip.

Corey Allen and Yeon-Su Kim were kayaking on a beach in Mexico with their 14-year-old daughter when they were suddenly swept away by high winds last Thursday.

Allen managed to bring his daughter Lux ashore when the weather changed before returning to the sea to help his wife, according to a GoFundMe set up to help find them.

But strong winds and currents quickly made it impossible to get back to shore, prompting a desperate search by volunteers and rescue agencies.

After a day of rescue efforts, a body was finally discovered in the water by a small fishing boat about eight miles off Mayan Place around 12:30 p.m. yesterday, Puerto Civil Protection and Fire Department said Penasco in a statement.

Local media later confirmed that the characteristics of the body matched one of the two missing persons, with an Allen family member confirming to authorities that it was Yeon-Su.

The search for Mr Allen’s body continues, with friends and family hoping they can still find him.

Allen and Yeon-Su are a well-known couple in their hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona, and their disappearance has deeply affected the community.

Body found during search for missing relatives in kayak in Mexico Facebook

Yeon-Su Kim’s body was discovered on Sunday following an extensive search by the Mexican Navy (Photo: Facebook)

Yeon-Su was a professor of forestry at Northern Arizona University and Allen is a real estate agent.

The couple have two children – Lux, who is a freshman at Northland Prep Academy in Flagstaff, and Pax, who is a freshman in Oregon.

“They are just the nicest family. I mean, I know you interview people and people tell you that, but they really are,’ his friend Bryn DeFusco told AZ Family.

“They are so adorable, warm and engaging.”

DeFusco’s children and the missing couple’s two children would play together growing up, according to the outlet.

“Kids, I mean, obviously that was my first thought. How are the children going to be… how much will their lives be changed if their parents are not found? she says.

The GoFundMe for their rescue effort – organized by family friend Lisa Aumack – has posted daily updates on search efforts since their disappearance.

“Corey and Yeon-Su are now 54 hours behind,” Aumack wrote. “Volunteers have spent the past two days flying, boating and searching overland, with no sightings at this time.

“The Mexican Navy is bringing resources by air and sea, which is very useful. We intend to continue the search [on Sunday]concentrating as many resources as possible on flights through a search area south of Puerto Peñasco.

Following the discovery of Yeon-Su’s body on Sunday afternoon, no further updates have been released.

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