New Netflix Troll Movie Gets a Good Score for Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix’s New Norwegian Monster Movie Troll is now available on the streaming service worldwide.

The film, directed by grave robber 2018’s Roar Uthaug follows a paleontologist and her folklore teacher father as they investigate the appearance of giant footprints and soon discover that a giant troll is on his way to Oslo and must find a way to escape. prevent trampling everyone.

At the time of writing, the film has a rotten tomatoes score of 83%. That sounds pretty impressive, but the site only tracks the number of generally positive reviews, rather than how positive they are.

10 of the 12 quoted reviews are positive, but as you will see below, they are more “decently positive” than “overwhelmingly positive”.

Jallo Faber/Netflixnetflix

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Here’s what some of the reviewers say:

Bloody disgusting

“The feature film comes to life every time the troll appears on screen. While Uthaug has an eye for visually interesting sets of destruction and the troll’s visual effects are effective, this is how the filmmaker spawns empathy for his beast becomes the film’s greatest asset, and the more we find out about the troll, the more tragic his story becomes.

troll trailer, netflix


“There’s a melancholic subtext to be tapped into here about how old folklore and traditions get lost in time, eroding culture in the process. It’s this sincerity that makes the final act so touching.”


“Despite obvious flaws, Troll should also be commended for its environmentalist philosophy. The first one Godzilla is remembered as a manifestation of nuclear warfare, a beast that destroys the world after being awakened by human hands. Trollhowever, updates the message to reflect modern worries that human greed will become our collective fate as we destroy nature and seek to control a world that may become too eroded to support human life.”

“Screenwriter Espen Aukan conjures up a simple shot of chaos featuring a building-sized troll on the loose, hammering in basic characterizations to carry the human perspective while Uthaug handles visual effects and cutscenes. chaos. Troll is designed for easy play anywhere in the world, delivering big hits and big threats, and it connects as expected. It’s not quite up to supermonster standards, but the visual experience is airy while using local culture and fairy tale history to complicate a dire survival situation.”

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As noted above, some reviews were outright negative, with decision maker stating that the film “unfolds without inspiration, filled with cheesy one-liners, plenty of classic sci-fi movie references, ho-hum CG effects, and nothing better than a few serviceable action sequences.”

If you want to make up your own mind, Troll is available to stream on Netflix now.

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