Nimco Ali accuses Suella Braverman of ‘normalizing black hate on Twitter’ with her rhetoric | UK News

The outgoing government adviser on violence against women has accused the Home Secretary of ‘normalizing the hate’ black people receive on Twitter with his rhetoric on immigration.

Nimco Ali, who announced she was stepping down as an independent adviser to the Home Office earlier this month, accused Suella Braverman of “normalizing hateful rhetoric”.

Asked about her concerns, she told Sky News: “It’s just rhetoric. He’s someone who wants to go very right, rather than thinking about the humanity of people.

“Suella is happy to lock people up in places with no beds to look tough on immigration.”

And describing the consequences of that, Ms Ali, 39, added: “If you just look at the timeline on Twitter right now where any young black person, or any black person, is speaking out, whether it’s Meghan Markle or me Even the rhetoric and hate we receive is so normalized and we shouldn’t be in that position.”

In recent days, Jeremy Clarkson has faced huge criticism for his language about the Duchess of Sussex in an article for The Sun, in which he said he “dreamed of the day when she would be forced to parade naked in the streets”.

Ms Braverman was first appointed home secretary by Liz Truss in her short term as prime minister, but was sacked over a security breach that broke cabinet code.

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She was controversially reappointed to Rishi Sunak’s cabinet six days later – again as Home Secretary.

Ms Braverman has also drawn criticism for her language, especially on immigrationwhere she described asylum seekers crossing the English Channel in small boats as “an invasion”.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman issues a statement on the drowning of four people in the English Channel

“Even if we deport people, we can do it with humanity”

On her predecessor Priti Patel’s policy of deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda, Ms Braverman said it was her “dream” to be able to see it through amid successive legal challenges.

Ms Ali declined to comment on the final High Court appeal due on Monday, but said: “That’s the language we’re using on this.

“Even if we are going to deport people and their requests are not successful, we can still do it with a little humanity.”

She denied that her decision to leave was due to her contract not being extended with the Home Office.

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Previously, she told Sky News“I think I can definitely say that I wouldn’t feel comfortable serving under Suella or saying she’s someone we probably have the same feminist ideals with.”

It is understood Ms Braverman and Ms Ali had never met before they started, and her job, which she was given by Ms Patel two years ago, was due to complete within the next two weeks.

A source close to Suella Braverman said: ‘It is the home secretary’s duty to be honest with the British people about the scale of the crisis we are facing on the south coast with the crisis of small boats. She makes no apologies for that.”

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