NRL legend Carl Webb steps down as he continues the fight of his life against motor neurone disease

NRL legend Carl Webb steps down as he continues the fight of his life against motor neurone disease

Footy legend Carl Webb makes a rare public appearance to motivate his former NRL club as they continue the fight of his life against motor neurone disease: ‘A tough man fighting a ****y enemy’

As an NRL player Carl Webb had no fear but today he is fighting the battle of his life and there is no way to win.

The former Brisbane, North Queensland and Maroons brandon is battling motor neuron disease (MND) and recently made a rare public appearance to help inspire the Broncos’ current crop of players.

MND is a rare condition that affects the brain and nerves, causing weakness that worsens over time.

A person can reduce the impact of MND on their daily life with treatment, but there is no cure for MND, which can significantly reduce the life expectancy of sufferers, although some people live with the disease for many years.

Carl Webb’s career in the NRL

66 games for the Brisbane Broncos

115 games for NQ Cowboys

6 games for Parramatta Eels

15 appearances for Queensland

1 test plug for Australia

2 appearances for native stars

You can donate to the Carl Webb Foundation here

“It was amazing to have Carl Webb back in Red Hill to unveil our new wall of strength in the gymnasium at Clive Berghofer Center,” the Broncos said on social media.

“As one of the hardest to do, Webby spoke to the group of players about the importance of preparation on and off the pitch.”

Webb attended the session in an electric chair and admitted that many daily tasks, including simple walking, became extremely difficult.

“Everything you do is just a battle,” Webb told the Courier Mail last year.

“Day by day I’m slowly declining…but I’m not about to turn around.”

“Getting dressed in the morning is a task. I struggle to button up my shirts and pull up my pants and shorts.

“I can still walk, but my legs are starting to get a little soft. I drag my feet a bit. If I fall, it’s a real fight to get up. I can’t get up.

“Strength was a big thing for me, I’ve always been strong, but now my strength is gone.

“I’m losing all muscle definition. It’s starting to waste away.

“Opening car doors, buttering bread, getting out of a taxi, buttoning your children’s clothes. This stuff is hard now.

“It’s an effort for me to put something in the microwave. I certainly don’t do roast dinners. Even taking a container out of the microwave is difficult.

NRL fans were quick to praise Webb for his courage and inspirational work raising funds and raising awareness for MND research and support.

“I played juniors all the way up to u17s against him. He and Matty Bowen were the two toughest guys for different reasons to defend against,” one fan said.

“What a legend, the great Carl is. Who could forget his original first try? Great to see him live on with MND. Inspirational,” said another.

“A tough man fighting a ****y enemy,” posted another.

Webb was also the guest of honor at the Carl Webb Foundation’s recent annual Long, Long Lunch, which also featured former NRL stars Johnathan Thurston and Darren Lockyer.

The lunch raised $10,000 for the MND and Me Foundation.

“We love that we can give back to the MND and Me Foundation which supports people and their families living with motor neuron disease in Queensland,” the foundation said in a statement.

“The Foundation provides support programs and funds research into treatments and cures for MND. Thank you for all of your amazing work and continued support.

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