Pedro’s worst fad fails after weight loss

Pedro Jimeno of The Family Chantel has never had a fantastic sense of fashion, but he sometimes stuns fans with his dodgy clothing choices.

The Chantel family Star Pedro Jimeno is a handsome man who has made a few poor fashion choices since losing weight. The 31-year-old reality star is best known for her 90 day fiance spin-off show where he recently filed for divorce from his ex-wife, Chantel Everett. Pedro first made his debut in 90 day fiance season 4, during which he traveled from the Dominican Republic to marry his Atlanta-based ex-wife.

At the time, Pedro looked great and seemed healthy. Unfortunately, things changed over time and he gained weight due to the American way of life. This sudden body change negatively affected Pedro’s physical and mental health. However, he soon decided to shake things up and started training with a Muay Thai boxing expert. In 2020, Pedro revealed his weight loss when he posted intense post-workout photos on social media. Soon after, he flaunted his abs in shirtless selfies on his Instagram profile and found himself in the best shape of his life.


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Pedro Jimeno wears skinny jeans while working

Pedro often sported decent outfits when he was with Chantel. However, things changed significantly over the past few months as he started living his single life and made some questionable outfit choices. In the summer of 2022, Pedro wore skinny jeans around his clients. Not only were the jeans unsuitable for the occasion, their lighter color didn’t compliment his titanium gray shirt and blue mask. Even the TLC star’s followers and fans were bothered by the look. A Facebook user commented: “Why do you always wear women’s skinny jeans?

Pedro Jimeno wears loafers without socks

For the past few years, Pedro has been flaunting his toned legs in designer sneakers. However, as seen in another photo, lately Pedro has gotten used to wearing loafers. Unfortunately, Pedro does this wrong by going sockless while wearing his leather shoes. Most stylists suggest that leather loafers should not be worn without socks, as this increases the chances of sweat buildup and affects the quality of the shoe. Also, the small size of Pedro’s loafers made them look strange without socks. Maybe the TLC star can reconsider her shoe choices, because most 90 day fiance fans don’t think they suit her general dress sense.

Pedro Jimeno chooses a transparent turtleneck

Pedro has been wearing cute turtleneck outfits since changing his beard style. However, her November 2022 makeover didn’t look too good. In the Instagram post, Pedro wore a beige turtleneck that was a little too sheer. He revealed his loungewear on camera, which didn’t look good and made his turtleneck top look cheap. Maybe Pedro could have chosen not to wear loungewear with that turtleneck or choose a different look. The sheer top also made fans feel like the Dominican Republic native had lost his muscle mass. An Instagram user wrote, He loses weight. what happened to all their muscles. Besides a few fashion disasters, many The Chantel family fans think Pedro is an attractive man.

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