Pinterest AI predicts free dates, naughty fashions and train journeys for 2023

Looking ahead to 2023, Pinterest released its annual trend forecast based on an analysis its AI conducted on billions of searches made on the idea-sharing site. The company claims that over the past three years, 80% of its predictions have come true. Here’s a preview of what to expect in the new year.

Generation Z

Graduated in economic uncertainty where canceled internships, hiring freezes and mass layoffs, particularly in the tech sector, have sparked anxiety among new entrants to the job market, Gen Z is emerging as a generation of informed savers where cash is king.

For dating, expensive happy hours should give way to experiences that cost nothing, like riding a bike to the beach. Since the best things in life are free (almost) for free, searches for “dating picnic ideas” increased by 385%, “aquarium dates” by 235% and “bookstore appointment” by 195%.

For travel, scenic rail adventures might just be the next hot getaway. Bragging about trains is trending, as are searches for “Indian Railway Station Photography” up 175%, “Interrailing Europe Aesthetic” up 105% and “Train Travel Quotes” up 285%.

For fashion, the look to watch is the romcom core inspired by romantic comedies like Clueless, the holidays and sex in the city from the late 90s and early 2000s. Searches for “2000s girl” increased by 235%, “90s vintage summer outfits” by 150%, “cool girl aesthetic outfits” by 140%, “pink miniskirt outfit” 145% and “rhinestone dress” 90%. Pinterest is also predicting a return to rave culture with searches for “Berlin rave fashion” up 250% and “house music outfits” up 185%.


For millennials getting married, weddings awash in earth tones are expected as searches for “burnt orange wedding theme” surge 695%, “terracotta wedding bridesmaid dresses” up 230 % and “copper saree” up 285%. And for those with a baby on the way, the fourth trimester should bring a lot more care with “postpartum gift” requests up 140%.

The gamification of high-yield savings accounts is expected to be a thing as interest rates continue to rise. Searches for “bi-weekly savings challenges” increased by 355%, with people hosting DIY contests with rewards to save money.

Generation X

For fitness, watch for a return to the “primary movement” with searches for core workouts including push-ups, pull-ups, bridges, lunges, squats and planks up to 120%. Attention to preventing sitting injuries when returning to the office is also expected with searches for “neck hump exercises” up 210% and “mobility stretches” up 140% .

For home decor, what’s old could be new again, as searches jumped for “eclectic vintage interior design” 850% and “mix of modern with antique furniture” 530%.

Puppy pool parties are also expected to cause a stir, as searches for “diy dog ​​areas in the backyard” have increased by 490%, along with “mini pool ideas” of 830%.


Baby boomers are expected to double down on their sustainable living efforts as searches for “drought-tolerant landscape design” have increased by 385%.

Hobbies like origami and journaling are likely to be popular, as searches for “how to make paper rings” increased by 1,725%, “writing therapy” by 1,840% and the “art diary therapy” of 3,755%.

And YOLO you-only-live-once celebrations are believed to be in the works around major milestones, as requests for the “golden anniversary party” have increased by 370%.

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