Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are full of duplication issues

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet had a rocky launch, though you wouldn’t know that from its sales numbers. There are a lot of visual and performance issues, like pop-ins, dropouts, and slow framerates, and alongside those bugs are issues that players can exploit to their own advantage. A bunch of these bugs allow players to duplicate items and Pokemon – shiny, legendary pocket monsters.

Videos of the exploits have become vital on TikTok, Twitter and other social media platforms. The first of the bunch is fairly easy, but average value: players can duplicate items found in the world as glowing spots on the ground, but they won’t know what they have until they recover it or start duplicating. treat.

Here’s how it works: Once you find a bright spot on the ground, place your picnic setup just above that spot. After slowing down a bit, check your picnic basket. There won’t be an egg inside, but you should find an item. This same object will continue to appear in the basket if you wait longer and longer.

This feels like that’s how picnics are supposed to work – at least have your Pokemon pick up items in the area. But the glitchy part seems to be how the item keeps spawning. Most of the time, you’ll find TM ingredients under those bright spots, which aren’t particularly valuable. But sometimes you’ll get rare or valuable items that your Pokémon can use or that you can sell for money.

We were able to reproduce this bug after seeing several videos on TikTok.

The following item duplication (and unintended Pokemon) bug is a bit more in-depth and requires you to have beaten Pokemon Scarlet and PurpleThe Zero Zone questline. You will need to be able to transform your Miraidon or Koraidon into its combat form. Basically, you give yourself Miraidon or Koraidon an item to hold – anything you’d like to duplicate – and battle a wild Pokémon and catch it with a full team. You will try to trade it with Miraidon or Koraidon, trying to send the legendary vehicle to your Pokémon storage box, which of course is not possible. Unless you press the A and B buttons so fast that it confuses the game. If you do it correctly, Miraidon or Koraidon will be duplicated in your Pokémon storage box, and the item it contained will be added to your bag.

But because you didn’t actually put your Miraidon or Koraidon in a box slot, when you add it back to your party from its ride mode, it will still contain the item as well – so now you have an extra .

It’s complicated, but we were able to reproduce this bug with a Rare Candy, and others on TikTok have done it with a Master Ball, for example. People on TikTok have warned that adding the Miraidon or Duplicated Koraidon to your party could mess things up, so be careful if you try them.

YouTuber Austin John has found another duplication glitch, which allows players to catch multiples of the same shiny Pokemon. This is one of those scenarios that only works in a specific case – specifically, when you’re just outside towns and cities that don’t require a loading screen before entering. reload when you cross a “threshold” separating the wild areas from the cities. (This is an issue that gave me trouble; Pokemon will disappear in the Wild Area if you cross a town line, and if you don’t do these specific actions, those Pokemon won’t return when you cross again. )

Here is the video where Austin John describes the steps in detail:

But why would you want to catch the same shiny Pokemon multiple times? Maybe you want to give them to your friends? Bragging rights? It’s your decision. (By the way, we haven’t tested Austin John’s method for confirmation.) This feat adds to an earlier discovery with Scarlet and PurplePicnic feat that makes finding shiny creatures much faster.

As with any exploit, we want to make it clear that this is not how The Pokémon Company intended people to play games. It’s unclear if The Pokémon Company can or will take action against those who profit from it. Achievements don’t exactly have an impact Scarlet and PurpleMultiplayer or competitive modes, which would make them expressly unfair, but others consider it cheating.

Either way, The Pokémon Company will likely fix these exploits eventually, just like Nintendo did with Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ similar duplication issues.

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