Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shiny Hunters Discover Two New Useful Achievements

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shiny Hunters Discover Two New Useful Achievements

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s first week of release was plagued with bugs, glitches, and performance issues – some frustrating, some fun, and some proving useful to creative players. Two new exploits have been discovered that maximize a player’s chance of encountering shiny Pokemon – one that lets you duplicate a shiny spawn, another that increases the chance of a shiny spawn.

The first, picked up by Video Games Chronicle, was discovered by YouTuber Austin John Plays, and allows players to capture the same shiny Pokemon multiple times when performed correctly. To work, it must be in an area near an open city or another area that does not require a loading screen to enter.

If players find and catch a shiny, or another Pokemon they wish to duplicate, in an area that matches this description, they can then walk towards the town, and the moment the town name appears on the screen, save and restart the game. When they recharge, the Pokémon they caught will still be stored, but the wild version of it will be recharged in the area where it was first encountered, able to be caught again.

This feat can be seen in action in Austin John’s video above, though unfortunately it requires finding a Shiny Pokemon spawned in a very specific location. If another group of Pokemon appears between the shiny and the town, this method will not work. It’s also likely to be fixed at some point, so try it now while you still can.

The other exploit discovered this week was found by YouTuber PhillyBeatzU, picked up by Kotaku, and basically involves spawning a large number of Pokémon to increase the chances of finding a shiny one.

Named “Shiny Picnic Reset Method” by PhillyBeatzU, the exploit uses Pokemon Violet and Scarlet’s picnic table. To use this method, players must travel to a Pokémon outbreak, which will be marked on the map with a flashing red icon.

PhillyBeatzU says to make sure you have a Pokemon that knows False Swipe first, to ensure you can easily catch any shinies you come across. Then, go to an outbreak and start battling Pokemon there. After defeating 60 Pokémon, your shine rate will increase to 1 in 1365, claims PhillyBeatzU.

Shooting the picnic table will cause the outbreak Pokemon to disappear, only to reappear again when put away. PhillyBeatzU uses this quirk to repeatedly reset the outbreak, using the higher shine rate to increase the chance of a shiny Pokémon appearing. In the demo video, he encounters a glowing Drifblim after 15 resets.

Again, there’s a chance this exploit could be patched if it makes it too easy to breed shiny Pokémon, but for now, it’s time for a shiny picnic.

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