Pub drinker becomes a hero after chasing armed crooks with an ashtray

Christmas drinkers were left in shock at the Medina Railway Tavern in Newport (Picture: Google)

A pair of armed crooks were driven off by a pub drinker who threw an ashtray at them.

The pub regular became a ‘hero on the go’ when he chased two men in balaclavas – one of whom was armed – away from the pub.

Christmas drinkers were shocked when a man arrived at the pub in a taxi and ran inside, chased by the two thugs, one armed with a metal shovel.

But a brave resident of the Medina Railway Tavern in Newport, Isle of Wight, managed to scare them off by throwing an ashtray and confronting them outside.

Duncan Scott, the pub owner, came downstairs when he heard a commotion around 7pm on Thursday.

Mr Scott said: “There were a lot of people in the pub. A former patron banned from the establishment, as part of the police’s Pub Watch program, came to see his drinking father being chased by two hooded men.

The pair never entered the pub thanks to a brave regular (Picture: Getty)

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“One of them was armed with a spade or shovel head, without the handle, which appeared to be used as a weapon.

“They tried to get inside. They kicked the door and damaged it, but one of my inhabitants – foolishly or bravely – came out and tackled them.

“He did this by throwing an ashtray at them and confronting them, before they finally backed down. Luckily, he managed to fend them off.

The client did not wish to be identified.

“The two attackers never set foot on the premises. My waitress then called the police,” Mr Scott added.

“Everyone was a bit shaken but the men never entered the pub so none of my customers were put in danger. In the end, I’m grateful that no one was hurt.

“It was a little shocking, but it was nothing personal against the pub. They were right after this individual.

“It was, by far, the most serious thing that has happened to the pub in my almost 17 years as owner.”

Mr Scott said social media reports that the men managed to enter the pub and one of them had an ax were “completely untrue”.

He explained that a witness gave the police the partial registration number of a dark-colored sedan, possibly a Skoda or a BMW.

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