Should Matt Hancock be judged on the result of the investigation or on I’m A Celebrity?

That’s what got readers talking today (Picture:

Matt Hancock comes in third place in I’m A Celebrity… has reignited the debate once again over his conduct during his time as health secretary.

Some readers said his breach of his own social distancing ‘guidelines’ was what people should really focus on, while others said the Tory MP could not be ‘harassed’ and held personally responsible for the Covid death.

Another debate that has rumbled concerns railway workers on strike amid the cost of living crisis, and one reader said the industrial action is “selfish” as it negatively impacts his independent business.

It looks like the next two months could become another ‘winter of discontent’ with widespread strikes across multiple industries, and other contributors have written to say nurses should be fully supported in their campaign for a pay rise. Read on to see what other readers think.

Not everyone is convinced Matt Hancock deserves forgiveness

■ Matt Hancock finished third in I’m A Celebrity (Metro, Mon) and probably managed to persuade his viewers that politicians are human. However, his performance as health secretary at the time of the pandemic must await the outcome of the Covid inquiry. How the British people judge Matt Hancock and the Conservative government will depend on the findings of the inquiry. Scott, West London

■ Matt Hancock has failed to convince the vast majority of people in the UK that he is a good guy. In fact, he pointed out how selfish he is. Andrew Edwards, Islington

Matt Hancock surrounded by jungle creatures including a toad on his head, a spider and an eel

Matt Hancock smiling and carrying Jungle Creatures (Photo: James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock)

■ Matt Hancock handled each try with courage. Sure, he made a few mistakes, but let’s remember the context in which he — and the world — operated in 2020. I also had a loved one in a nursing home, and Matt Hancock didn’t personally kill anyone. He paid the price with his political career. He did his penance in the I’m A Celebrity trials. Should people be persecuted forever in this country? Let the man go on with his life. Katherine, Kent

■ If Mr Hancock is not considering it, a significant donation of his program fees to perhaps Age UK or our NHS would be appropriate. Alison, Essex

■ Well, I’m A Celebrity is over for another year and the public has vented their frustration on Matt Hancock. So let’s move on and remember that the biggest offenders are those who attended illegal parties at No 10. Andy, London

Nurses are not volunteers – they deserve fair pay

■ Regarding the nurses’ strike, I am bitterly disappointed and ashamed of our government. While our nursing staff work long, tiring hours, their bosses earn tens of thousands of pounds a year and don’t work 12-hour shifts. How can it be said that the role of a nurse is “professional” and therefore not deserving of fair pay?

We are lucky to have such caring people. The governing bodies must see for themselves what the nursing staff are doing. I don’t like strikes, but when big cats claim their workers are earning enough, I’m all for nurses going on strike. Barbara Young, by email

NHS nurses protesting holding signs

The nurses have had enough (Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty)

■ There is a shortage of nurses. Perhaps MPs could step in, as many seem desperate for a second job. Eddie Peart, Rotherham

My restaurant is being devoured by train strikes – we might not survive

■ These railway workers on strike (Metro, Mon) are ruining the country. We have an independent restaurant in London Bridge and it has been difficult enough to deal with Covid and now the cost of living crisis.

Food prices have skyrocketed, but I can’t pass on those increases because I couldn’t sell anything.

Every time there is a strike we have to close the restaurant or pay our staff (if they can get in) to stay there! We have to throw away fresh food these days. We don’t know how long we can continue.

Closed escalators and staircases at London Bridge station

An empty London Bridge station during a rail strike over the summer (Photo: Reuters)

Every time I pass through Liverpool Street Station I see staff busy on the phone. I wish they would stop and think for a moment about what they are doing to other companies.

Our profit decreases every year. We can no longer afford to pay our staff and I cannot ask our customers to pay more. You just need to cut your fabric accordingly. Don’t ruin other people’s chances. James, London

■ Are strikes the answer? I hope that the unions and the railroads realize that there are only losers and that in the end they are worsening the economic conditions and the productivity of the country, and thus reducing the chances of life of the next generation. Jim, London

Mike? Do you take the Michael?

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch standing outside the Department for Transport

RMT General Secretary Michael ‘Mick’ Lynch (Picture: PA)

■ Jim from Warwickshire (MetroTalk, Monday) says RMT union leader Mick Lynch is called Mick because “Mick or Mike is usually more manageable than Michael”. Not many people know this, Jim, but I don’t think Michael Caine would agree with you.
December, Essex

And something else…

■ Gareth Southgate should be sacked as coach of English football! England needed creativity against the United States on Friday, but he brought in Jordan Henderson. Fred, South East London

■ Steve Mitchell (MetroTalk, Fri) says his pet peeve of transit is people standing outside doors. I have developed agoraphobia since confinement. If using public transport is unavoidable (I need someone with me to be able to cope), then I need to be as close to the door as possible. Kate, Manchester

Gareth Southgate at a FIFA press conference in Qatar

Gareth Southgate ruined England v USA game, a reader says (Picture: Reuters)

■ To Stephen (MetroTalk, Monday), who says “every day someone will try to follow me through the barrier without paying” at Vauxhall tube station. It’s the same in the Tyne and Wear underground. I always pause after going through the doors to make it difficult for them. P, Tyne and Wear

■ Strawhat (MetroTalk, Fri) says it’s “super funny” when bus drivers don’t stop because passengers at bus stops look at their phones. You wouldn’t find it funny if you were stuck in the rain with a baby in a stroller. Cassy, ​​via email

■ I was amused by Martin’s gushing letter (MetroTalk, Fri) about the late Wilko Johnson, rock’s most overrated guitarist. The entry-level riffs and back-and-forth onstage hardly put him in the same category as Jimmy Page or David Gilmour. Denise Gordon, London

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