Stanley Marketplace Fashion Show Showcases Winter Styles

Each year, merchants of Stanley Market have the opportunity to show off their latest looks for the upcoming cool holiday season. November 17, factory mode, June Ruby, Summary, true, Asset, Steereand steel angel took to the stage again, showing off their new winter looks.

Evening host, Skye Barker Maalaunched the show with its own brand— factory mode, a design studio and a sewing school. Each model was the designer of their own outfit, which led to a wide range of styles worn by models of all ages. From pajamas to business casual outfits to glamorous looks, designers were able to express themselves in their own style for this show.

For women who work and always move, June Ruby designs down-to-earth looks that bring comfort and style to every outfit. Women of all ages paraded down the catwalk in pairs to show off their business casual look with a bit of flair. Founder and Owner, michelle rotter, created the brand for those who may not have time to shop but still want fashionable clothes in their closets. Highlights of the collection were oversized flannel coats as well as sparkly party dresses and tops. walk with June Ruby were children of LuBird Light Foundation representing the new LuBird’s Light playground in Stanley Market. The foundation was created to provide fun and accessible play areas for children with rare disabilities.

Summary featured streetwear designs with Colorado-related graphics, such as the iconic Denver skyline or the mountains. Owner David Roggeman started working on creating the brand in the early 2000s. Now, with years of experience in clothing design and retail, he has successfully created a creative brand that caters to men and Women’s. With tees, hoodies, beanies, windbreakers and more, there’s something for anyone looking to make their wardrobe more unique this winter.

With true boutique comes with a bit of everything – that’s why they call it a “holistic boutique”. Owner Shana Colbin established true after founding their sister store, Kismet. Centered around the idea of ​​wellness, TRUE designs are casual and comfortable, but can be transformed into dressy or casual looks when paired with other TRUE coats, jewelry and accessories. On the catwalk, their sequined dresses, colorful scarves and stylish sweaters made the models shine.

From emerging and established designers, the clothes of Earth is incredibly chic and versatile for every season. Danielle Van Ede, founder, organizes clothing collections for women who want unique and stylish clothes at an affordable price. Matched with sleek gold jewelry and bold sunglasses, the neutral colors of this season’s collections are perfect outfits when the weather turns chilly.

steel angel models have made sure to bring excitement to the runway with clothes meant to spice up your activewear looks. The shining stars of the collection were quilted vests and fuzzy jackets to not only keep warm, but show how stylish winter fashion can still be. The models made sure to show off how easy it was to stay active in their looks while dancing the runway in style.

If you like the outdoors whatever the temperature, Asset is the place for you. With colorful puffer jackets, cozy zippers and plush flannels, they’ve proven that staying warm can still be stylish this season. Inspired by their Scandinavian roots, Aktiv owners and designers, Nate and Leslie Axvig, aim to produce durable, quality and fashionable clothing for any type of weather.

The runway ended with all the models returning to the stage for one last ride as bubbles of foam fell from above, transforming the room into a winter wonderland. After the show, attendees were able to purchase whatever items they liked on the catwalk from the shops dotted around Stanley Marketplace.

All photographs by Roxanna Carrasco.

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