Stealth is everywhere in games, but Thief’s innovations have been forgotten

A ghost wanders the flooded wine cellar of the abandoned Hammerite Cathedral, talking backwards and spitting out skulls. Hauntings patrol the altar above, shaking their chains. When they go in pursuit, they do so at breakneck speed, as if they were playing at double speed on a VHS. Strange laughter seeps between their whitened teeth as they swing their swords, two or three times a second.

Which is to say that, in addition to being the very first stealth game on PC, Thief: The Dark Project is a surprisingly effective horror experience. Even more terrifying than restless undead are hard floors. It’s not the craymen chirping in the caverns below the opera house that keep me awake at night, it’s the marble hallways that connect the auditorium balconies and the steel walkways suspended above the stage. . The clatter of Garrett’s shoes against the metal still elicits an involuntary Pavlovian grimace, tied to memories of running guards and sounding alarms.

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