Moonrider’s Vengeful Guardian: JoyMasher on Developer Nightmares and Change of Direction

To learn more about what inspired the game and how its development took place, as well as the general role and influence of retro games in modern culture, we sat down with Lead Developer Danilo Dias and Producer Thaís Weiller from Joymasher for a quick chat about the latest from the studio. effort. Picture: The … Read more

What are you playing this weekend? (January 7)

Image: SEGA It’s 2023 and the lights are back at Nintendo Life Towers. While January can often be a sleepy month as the games industry wakes its head from a Christmas-induced slumber, we can’t wait to dive into what looks to be an interesting year for Nintendo. This week we shared our thoughts on the … Read more

If you thought last year was “sad” for Switch, 2023 might be tough to handle

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What are you playing this weekend? (December 31st)

Jim Norman, personal editor Could 2023 really be the year I played more new games and spent less time clearing my backlog? Absolutely no chance! I’ll be hosting an NYE party this weekend, so it’ll be light games. To my knowledge, my friends have never played a Wii U, so this will be the perfect … Read more

Backlog Club: Nintendo Life’s Games Of Not-This-Year 2022 Awards

Image: Nintendo Life The problem with Game of the Year awards is that it presupposes that we’re all adults with plenty of free time to keep up with the ever-increasing number of game releases. You’d think gaming journalists, of all adult types, would know more about this than most…and you’d be wrong! Like everyone else, … Read more