Kirby gains new Copy Abilities for Return To Dreamland Deluxe

Image: Nintendo Life We’re just over a month away from the release of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe, and the team at HAL Laboratory has started delivering new additions to the game. new Kirby Copy Abilities – bonuses gained after inhaling an enemy. We already knew about the Mecha ability from the first trailer, … Read more

Here’s a look inside Super Nintendo World at Universal Hollywood

Picture: Universal Studios Hollywood We’re just over a month away from the grand opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Hollywood. The theme park will open to the public on February 17, 2023, but a few lucky members of the press and theme park enthusiasts gained access and released exclusive images of the … Read more

Fire Emblem Engage looks like a battle over the soul of the series

Image: nintendo Some things are constant in the world. Death, taxes and arguments about whether or not fire emblem is too laid back these days. Previews for Fire Emblem Engage came out, and some reviewers say that with it, Nintendo’s tactical RPG series leans too much towards combat. Others say that To hire is a … Read more

Pokémon x Elden Ring Mod looks better than Scarlet and Violet

Screenshot: Arrestame Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is a very ugly game, a fact universally undisputed since the game was released in November. A modder solved this problem in an unusual way: by turning Pokémon into Ring of Elden summon in The Lands Between. Summons are spirit-like companions you can conjure Ring of Eldenwhat makes your … Read more

10 Best Things of 2022 We Can’t Live Without

How come you don’t know what it is? Isn’t it obvious?Image: Acoustic Impact / Kotaku / LUMIKK555 (Shutterstock) 2022 was the year I decided to take my retrogaming setup seriously. I was tired of having a 104lb CRT dominating half my computer desk and a PlayStation 2, Sir, and all the other consoles that currently … Read more

Nintendo has fixed a “severe” vulnerability found in some Switch, 3DS and Wii U online games

Image: Damien McFerran/Nintendo Life A serious vulnerability affecting several Nintendo consoles has recently been discovered, with the potential to allow unauthorized access to Switch, 3DS and Wii U via a multitude of online games. It has been reported that Nintendo has been working to patch games for some time to eliminate the exploit known as … Read more

Elden Ring was the most completed and abandoned game of 2022

Image: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco 2022 has truly been the year of Ring of Elden, with FromSoftware’s latest game exploding into the mainstream unlike anything it had created before. As such, many people have played and completed Ring of Elden. In fact, according to one dataset, Ring of Elden was the most completed game of … Read more

Capcom shuts down fan-popular Resident Evil remakes

Image: Capcom The developers behind the fan remakes of resident Evil and Resident Evil Code: Veronica announced that development on both projects had ceased after Capcom contacted them and asked the developers to cancel the project. 1996 resident Evil was the start of modern survival horror games, and the 2000s Resident Evil Code: Veronicaits third … Read more

The best (and worst) video game names of 2022

Image: Shutterstock/Image Square Enix/XSEED/Kotaku/duringelallera (Shutterstock) The line between an amazing video game name and a terrible name is nebulous. Some game names try so hard that they keep coming back and getting good, even if they’re objectively bad. Some game names are only good as long as they use cool words, but the vibe screams, … Read more