The latest Google Stadia game, released today, is a piece of history

Picture: Google If you haven’t heard, Google Stadia is closing and store closing next week. But before the death of the never-quite-successful game-streaming service, it provided a neat (and free) little freebie that you can only play days before it’s all gone offline. Launched in 2019, Google Stadia was an expensive and massive investment by … Read more

New Assassin’s Creed Is Smaller Because Previous Games Got Too Big

Picture: Ubisoft The last Assassin’s Creed the titles have been gigantic games that can easily take over a hundred hours to complete, with huge maps filled with points of interest and tons of side quests to distract you from the main story. According to Ubisoft, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the upcoming spin-off, is smaller and more … Read more

I played eight disturbing mobile games on Twitter, YouTube

Screenshot: Elex / Kotaku Technology We’ve all seen our fair share of hilarious, disturbing, and surreal ads for mobile games. It seems nearly impossible to avoid them when watching gaming videos on TikTok or scrolling through your Twitter feed. Mobile games aren’t the only ones with bizarre and misleading marketing. If you’re old enough to … Read more

Fire Emblem Engage looks like a battle over the soul of the series

Image: nintendo Some things are constant in the world. Death, taxes and arguments about whether or not fire emblem is too laid back these days. Previews for Fire Emblem Engage came out, and some reviewers say that with it, Nintendo’s tactical RPG series leans too much towards combat. Others say that To hire is a … Read more

10 Best Things of 2022 We Can’t Live Without

How come you don’t know what it is? Isn’t it obvious?Image: Acoustic Impact / Kotaku / LUMIKK555 (Shutterstock) 2022 was the year I decided to take my retrogaming setup seriously. I was tired of having a 104lb CRT dominating half my computer desk and a PlayStation 2, Sir, and all the other consoles that currently … Read more

Elden Ring was the most completed and abandoned game of 2022

Image: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco 2022 has truly been the year of Ring of Elden, with FromSoftware’s latest game exploding into the mainstream unlike anything it had created before. As such, many people have played and completed Ring of Elden. In fact, according to one dataset, Ring of Elden was the most completed game of … Read more

The new micro FPS is the coolest game of 2022

Screenshot: David Szymansky Are you feeling a little tired of all the big games this year or all the online service games that seem to never end? Looking for something quirky, fun, and only about an hour long? Well, then stop reading this (Editor’s note: Don’t do this.) and go play the recently released game … Read more

The Space City-Building Strategy Game Reviewed by Kotaku

Ixion is the latest release from Bulwark Studios, the developers perhaps best known for the dangerously underrated 40K: Mechanical. Landing in December alongside blockbusters, it also threatens to fly under many people’s radars, and I’m here today primarily to try to make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s a space game set, at least initially, in … Read more

The new Final Fantasy remake has a Getty watermark in a painting

Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion was released today and is a solid remaster/remake of a beloved PSP title. But at least one painting in the new game has a little something extra: a Getty Images watermark, implying that the in-game painting was created using a preview image … Read more

Already perfect, Witcher 3 PS5 adds 60fps and photo mode

Screenshot: CD Projekt Rouge/ Kotaku Almost seven years later, The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt doesn’t just hold its own: it’s still head and shoulders above most competitors. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla could be bigger, and Forbidden Horizon West could be prettier, but hardly any other game marries magic, monsters, and dark politics in a meaty … Read more