Tutors are developing a new Welsh language that is ‘inclusive’ for non-binary people

Welsh tutors on a government-funded course have changed their lessons to make the language more ‘inclusive’ for non-binary people. Like many languages, Welsh nouns are gendered and occupations are gendered, meaning those who use non-gendered pronouns find it difficult to be heard. Some tutors working for the Welsh language learning scheme, Dysgu Cymraeg, have started … Read more

Driverless cars could worsen traffic by 85%, says government report

Driverless cars could worsen traffic on UK roads by 85%, a government report has warned. The Department for Transport said congestion would be twice as bad as current levels if self-driving cars become commonplace. The findings are based on the possibility that connected vehicles – those with their own internet access – and autonomous vehicles … Read more

Police could be banned from intrusive searches of rape victims’ phones

Vital new rules will put victims at the heart of the investigation By Sarah Dines, Minister of Safeguarding Rape and sexual assault are among the most traumatic crimes, and the impact inflicted on survivors goes far beyond the incident itself. We should not underestimate the psychological stress victims face afterwards. It is vital that we … Read more

Dreamboys stripper group founder David Richards attempted to murder his wife Alex Alam

The November trial heard how she managed to escape from Richards as blood flowed from her wounds, returning to her home in Stock, Essex. She dialed 999 to call the police and made a desperate FaceTime call to the former The Only Way is Essex star, telling him: “I’m dying.” Norcross described seeing her covered … Read more

Girls’ schools in England ‘should admit male pupils under Scottish transgender laws’

Single-sex girls’ schools in England will have to admit biologically male pupils under Scotland’s new gender recognition laws, according to a new report. Girls’ schools would be guilty of discrimination under gender equality laws if they refused entry to biologically male teenagers who had obtained certificates of female gender recognition in Scotland, the think tank … Read more

High school bans students from cuddling or having sex

Pupils have been banned from having romantic relationships or cuddling at a school in Chelmsford under new rules to force them to ‘focus on their learning’. Hylands School in Chelmsford said it ‘does not allow’ romantic relationships between pupils and that physical contact could lead to ‘inappropriate’ touching. Parents criticized the ‘hands-off’ policy, but the … Read more

People over 40 who take antibiotics are almost 50% more likely to develop irritable bowel disease

According to one study, people over 40 who take antibiotics are almost 50% more likely to develop Crohn’s disease or colitis. Irritable bowel disease (IBD) includes both chronic inflammatory conditions that affect different parts of the gut, with over half a million people affected in the UK. Data from over six million people in Denmark … Read more

‘Artificial pancreas’ for diabetics will be rolled out across the NHS

More than 100,000 patients with type 1 diabetes will be offered an ‘artificial pancreas’ on the NHS to help prevent amputations and blindness. People who have trouble managing their type 1 diabetes are at risk of long-term complications from high blood sugar, such as blindness, amputations or kidney problems. The new technology, the use of … Read more