Taskmaster’s Fern Brady reflects on the importance of a ‘happy and positive’ portrayal of autism on the show

Tyrant Star Fern Brady reflected on the importance of a “happy and positive” portrayal of autism on the show.

In a new Instagram post, the comedian opened up about how the show has helped her come to terms with her autism and why it’s important to have a healthy portrayal of it onscreen.

“It’s absolutely astounding to me that a show where I painted a self-portrait with a raw sausage on a toilet seat was the thing that made me deeply accept my autistic self, but that’s it. In the beginning, I was just excited to get the job because I wanted to have a new kitchen installed,” she began.

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“But when I was hiding on the TM [Taskmaster] subreddit before this series came out, it was pretty obvious that a lot of people with autism were watching the show.

“I realized that by being unmasked myself while having fun, I would achieve them much better than by making a serious documentary on the nose about how shitty my life had been when I hadn’t been diagnosed (I mean it WAS, but there are so few media images of happy autists and I want newly diagnosed people to feel some optimism moving forward),” she said. for follow-up.

“I had noticed that no matter how much weight I lost or what nice clothes I wore on TV, I could always spot my autism and failed attempts to mask it on screen. Even when people don’t know what autism ‘looks like’, their lizard brain recognizes something different about us and they use it as an excuse to exclude us.

“I knew a big part of doing well on Tyrant was to be yourself, but if you’re autistic, you get punished so often for being yourself that it was scary. I thought that instead of trying to blend in and fail as usual, I would try to be MORE myself. I would wear a costume that made me look like an alien, a secret nod to any ND viewer.”

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She then explained how she felt doing Tyrant was better than making a standard documentary where she would just cry because she’d rather “people see a happy, positive portrayal of neurodiversity.” And that’s what they see in Tyranta show that “ostensibly has nothing to do with autism”.

She concluded: “It’s the ridiculous way I solved my final task, openly stimming in front of the camera as I focused on my next task, shouting at the birds to be quiet because I hear all noises at the same volume, in my tendency to anthropomorphize every inanimate object on set.

“So kudos to Alex and the whole TM team for being the nicest and the best, there will never be another job like this. #taskmaster.”

Taskmaster will return for his special Taskmaster New Year’s Eve special this festive season on Channel 4, then series 15 is set to air in 2023.

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