The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

These are 10 of the most wanted suspects UK police want to put behind bars (Picture: National Crime Agency)

Suspected gang hitmen, manipulative rapists and brutal thugs are among the most wanted people this Christmas.

The alleged violent criminals are all on the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) list of prime targets.

For the families of victims of violent crime, the holiday season can be the most difficult time of year, especially for those who are still mourning someone who was taken from them.

Their abusers may have managed to evade justice for decades, and some may even live happy lives under new identities in another country.

Detectives are constantly waiting for a new lead or the slightest bit of information, maybe hoping that Christmas will inspire someone to do the right thing.

These are 10 of the men British police most want to see behind bars in the new year.

Derek McGraw Ferguson

Thomas Cameron was brutally shot outside the Glasgow pub where he worked on June 28, 2007.

He emerged from the Auchinairn Tavern to speak to two men who were waiting for him in a car minutes before he was found dead.

Derek McGraw Ferguson, born in the same town in 1964, is the prime suspect in the assassination and has not been seen since.

It is believed he may be in Spain, where he is also wanted, and investigators believe he may have had a hair transplant and may be speaking in a different accent to avoid detection.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

Derek McGraw Ferguson has been on the run for over 15 years (Picture: National Crime Agency)

Allan Foster

Father-of-seven David ‘Noddy’ Rice was lured into a pub car park in South Shields on the North East Coast under the guise of discussing debt in May 2006.

Shortly after he arrived, two men wearing ski masks opened fire and murdered the 42-year-old in full view of members of the public.

One of the killers, Steven Bevens, has pleaded guilty to his involvement, but detectives are still looking for Allan Foster.

The suspected drug dealer had previously been accused of tricking a jeweler into giving him an £80,000 diamond ring by claiming it was for a Premier League footballer.

He has already been branded by police as ‘Mr Big’ behind gang killings and police believe he may be in hiding in Spain.

The NCA say he has ties to the Canary Islands and Mallorca and his name is Shaun Michael Wilkinson.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

Allan Foster is wanted in connection with a brutal murder in a public place (Picture: National Crime Agency)

John James Jones

Police are searching for John James Jones since a frenzied stabbing outside a Liverpool pub.

Two men survived a brutal attack in the Ormskirk area of ​​the city in April 2018.

It is that the suspect fled to Spain the next day and stayed in a hotel in Madrid, before leaving suddenly the next morning.

Investigators believe he has some connection to Ibiza and describe him as around 6ft tall, stocky and in his 30s.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

John James Jones he is believed to have traveled to Spain but has not been seen or heard from since (Picture: National Crime Agency)

Fatah Benlaredj

Benlaredj is wanted for the rape of a seven-year-old girl in May 2007.

Little information has been made public about the alleged sex offender, but he is known to have previously used the nickname Samir.

The NCA have previously revealed they believe he may have fled to Spain.

He was previously described by the agency as one of their most wanted sex offense suspects.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

Fatah Benlaredj is accused of raping a child and fleeing the country (Picture: National Crime Agency)

Costas Samson

Costas Sampson was found guilty of raping a woman in 2010 after an alleged spike at a party.

The victim has no recollection of being taken away by Sampson and another man, who told the woman’s friend that they could help take them home by taxi.

When they returned, Sampson convinced the disabled woman’s friend that he was a doctor, and she went to sleep in another room.

The other man’s phone was later searched and police found footage of Sampson engaging in sexual acts with the struck victim.

Cell phones, a laptop and computer games were also found missing from the property the following morning.

Sampson, a Cypriot national known to use the pseudonym Kostas, has been on the run for a decade.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

Investigators say Costas Samson is called Kostas (Photo: National Crime Agency)

Rezgar Zengana

A 25-year-old woman was raped in a Glasgow flat after getting into what she believed to be a taxi.

Zengana posed as a driver for hire in December 2006 to frame his victim.

The Iraqi national was found guilty of the offense but managed to escape the country before being imprisoned for it.

It is believed that he may be hiding in the Netherlands or Turkey.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

Rezgar Zengana was convicted of the sexual assault but fled before being jailed (Picture: National Crime Agency)

Nana Oppong

Police are looking for Oppong in connection with the murder of a man outside a house party in Essex.

Robert Powell, 50, was shot dead in a drive-by shooting for allegedly being a member of a rival team.

Oppong, who is in his early 40s, is accused of shooting Powell eight times with a 9mm pistol on the night of June 13, 2020.

The NCA says he has two circular scars above his right eye, a series of small scars on his left hand and fingers, and a stomach scar near his navy.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

Nana Oppong has been linked to a suspected gang shooting in Essex (Picture: National Crime Agency)

Marc Francis Roberts

Police believe Roberts was one of two men who savagely attacked their victim with a knife in an attempt to steal a £60,000 watch.

The man refused to give up his Richard Mille watch when confronted in the driveway of his house at 1.30am on September 30, 2016.

He managed to survive despite life-threatening injuries including a collapsed lung that left him fighting for his life in an intensive care unit.

During the attack, he heard one of the assailants say they had cut themselves, and Roberts’ blood was later identified at the crime scene.

Roberts, who is from Liverpool, is described as 6ft 1in tall, of medium build and has a 7.6cm scar on his right leg.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

Marc Francis Roberts‘Blood was found at the scene of a brutal robbery (Picture: National Crime Agency)

Jonathan Kelly

A serial violent criminal, Kelly is wanted by Police Scotland so he can be forced to serve the remaining 10 years of his sentence for breaching the conditions of his licence.

He was convicted of various offenses – including leaving a victim permanently disfigured and having a weapon in prison – between 2002 and 2010, before being released in early September 2013 from a 16-year sentence.

The NCA describes Kelly, who once left someone paralyzed in a machete attack, as ‘extremely violent’ and warns he ‘poses a high risk to police and members of the public’.

Investigators say he has distinctive marks like scars on the left and right sides of his face, on his arms and right hand.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

Jonathan Kelly is considered a very dangerous man who has committed several offenses (Picture: National Crime Agency)

Kevin Thomas Spoken

Police have been searching for Kevin Thomas Parle for 18 years in connection with two notorious murders in Liverpool.

He is suspected in the brutal murder of Liam Kelly, a 16-year-old who was shot dead in the street in 2004, a crime for which three other men have been convicted.

Parle was interrogated and released on bail before disappearing from the face of the earth.

Detectives also linked him to the savage murder of Lucy Hargreaves, who was shot as she lay on the sofa in her home and was found in a burning building after her killer set the room ablaze.

Police believe the murder was a case of mistaken identity and no one has ever been brought to justice for it.

Parle, who is 6ft 5in, was known to use the nickname “hemp” and may have fled to Spain.

The most wanted violent criminals on the run this Christmas

Kevin Thomas Spoken has been linked to two different murders months apart (Picture: National Crime Agency)

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