The Way of Water star teases character’s future in upcoming sequels

Avatar: The Way of the Water may have just been released, but there’s a lot more to come from the world of Pandora.

Director James Cameron has already promised three more sequels, including one to be released every two years.

Speaking exclusively to digital spystar Stephen Lang shared that he was told the entire arc of his character, Colonel Miles Quaritch, through the saga.

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“Eventually I was, I read all the scripts,” he said.

“So I read up to Avatar 5. So I know everything that happens to Quaritch. I give nothing to say that Quaritch is running around, because [James Cameron] said so himself.”

But Lang added that his knowledge had no effect on his performance in The water path.

“I’m not skilled enough to do that,” he continued.

“I just want to be as honest and authentic as part of what we’re trying to achieve right now.

“Certainly there were always discussions about, well, what does this mean? Do we need this now? Because we will need it later. Or whatever.

“But I don’t really think beyond the scope of The way of the water when I do that.”

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Lang also touched on how Quaritch changed between the first film, released in 2009, and its sequel.

“In the original film, there was a wonderful, colorful character, but he was really there primarily as a function of evil. You know, he was there to be the conflict,” he said.

“And now I think he is that. He is always the source of the conflict. But he is also something else again, because he becomes part of the landscape. He becomes part of Pandora, of a way, and it works on him in very confusing ways.”

Avatar: The Way of the Water is out in theaters now.

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