The weirdest news of 2022

2022 kicked off with the biggest corporate acquisition proposal in video game history (opens in a new tab) and, since, Sony acquired Bungie (opens in a new tab)the New York Times bought Wordle (opens in a new tab)and the Embracer group bought everything else (opens in a new tab). We also saw a gargantuan leak of early GTA 6 materials (opens in a new tab) and a wave of organizing efforts in the games industry. And Google shut down Stadia (opens in a new tab). Do you remember Stadia?

But the year wasn’t just defined by the big, heartbreaking stories. It was also pockmarked by a host of events that were just, well, a little weird. Things like the aimbot that aimed so hard it died (opens in a new tab)or the MegaMan documentary (opens in a new tab) Too sexy for YouTube: These important cultural moments can end up being overlooked when writing company history.

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