The worst teammate of all time? Club nemesis reveling in World Cup howler

Mat Ryan’s FC Copenhagen team-mate Kamil Grabara added insult to injury after Australia’s 2-1 loss to Argentina in the Round of 16 of the World Cup.

One touch too many after a backpass saw Ryan lose the ball and allow Albiceleste striker Julian Alvarez scores in the 57th minute.

While many were less than impressed with Ryan’s decision-making at the time, one person seemed more pleased than most with his misfortune.

“It must have been politics for sure,” Grabara tweeted with a smiley face emoji. The tweet appears to refer not only to the mistake in the game against Argentina, but also to the pair’s battle for the top spot in Copenhagen.

“I’m not surprised he did, to be honest,” Ryan said after Australia’s loss on Saturday. “It doesn’t really concern me.”

Grabara’s tweet is just the latest chapter in this months-long one-sided feud. The young Polish international has constantly publicly disparaged Ryan since his arrival in Copenhagen.

Australia captain Ryan joined the Danish Superliga side in August this year in search of first-team minutes ahead of the World Cup. It was the perfect time for both sides with Grabara, the outgoing keeper who helped FCK win the league title last season, due to a facial injury.

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Upon his return to full health, Grabara always asserted that he should be the first-choice goalkeeper, often sneaking in blows to Ryan in the process.

“I don’t comment on the performances of my teammates – that applies especially when I haven’t been in the games,” Grabara told Danish newspaper Tipsbladet in October.

“I can only repeat what I’ve said before – I just have to say there’s a reason we’re ninth in the Superliga and the goals have been pouring in. That speaks for itself.

“I don’t see any competition for the position of goalkeeper. I have every reason to believe that I am FC Copenhagen’s first ever goalkeeper.”

Ryan, for his part, vowed to come back stronger after his blunder allowed Alvarez to steal and secure a two-goal lead for Argentina.

“There were a lot of positive moments that we could take [from the campaign] and there were a lot of hard times and difficulties,” he said.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do with my mistake in the second half, is try to learn what I can learn from it and come back stronger.

“I haven’t seen the replay but I will analyze it and can only learn from it. We learn from our struggles in life and this is definitely one for me. It hurts a lot but I won’t let it take over the best of me or define me.”

Ryan is reportedly looking for a move away from Copenhagen in the January transfer window.

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