This external cooler is as big as a PC

Having an absolute beast of a PC is all well and good, until you need to keep it cool. There’s a price to pay for all that power, and often that price comes in the form of heat. Indeed, power and heat are synonymous thanks to the laws of physics, and this will unfortunately always be the downfall of overclocking enthusiasts. As much as they like to generate heat, your PC’s sensitive components can only handle so much. Keeping a PC cool is serious business for the health and longevity of any machine, and that’s why I can’t help but appreciate this incredibly serious effort by Bykski.

Prolific Twitter Source Momomo_ United States (opens in a new tab) spotted the new Bykski Water Cooled Outdoor Unit (opens in a new tab) (via Tom’s Hardware (opens in a new tab)) for sale in Japan for the equivalent of $525 USD (opens in a new tab). That price seemed about right as it’s now up for pre-order on Bykski’s website (opens in a new tab) for $559.99. Considering the ticket price you expect very impressive cooling unlike other coolers (opens in a new tab) we heard about it recently, and given that this cooler might be bigger than your PC, it might just handle it.

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