This modder explored the mysterious off-limits cities of the Souls series

FromSoftware’s games have inspired a host of dataminers eager to piece together their secrets and cut content. YouTuber crest (opens in a new tab) has been dissecting games for years, exploring the game in every possible way ever since the developer version of Dark Souls leaked in 2014. Notably, Crest is breaking boundaries to bring in new insights (opens in a new tab) on game worlds, as well as close-up views of evocative FromSoft background elements.

Most recently, Crest took a tour of the Boletarian town (opens in a new tab) in Demon’s Souls, a distant fortified city that you can observe from the heights of World 1, the Boletarian Palace. Crest and fellow modder Then (opens in a new tab) created an enlarged version of the distant city with added collision detection, allowing you to walk around and examine it up close through the use of their mod (opens in a new tab).

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