TikTok roleplayers made trading cats of capitalism a viral game

Role-playing is popular on TikTok, although normally that means someone dressing up in cosplay to make a video where they welcome you to their fantasy tavern. (opens in a new tab)or maybe offer you a quest (opens in a new tab). Over the past month, a new kind of role-playing game trend has overtaken the platform. It’s called “dabloons,” and the hashtag has over 730 million views (opens in a new tab).

TikToker Sweezy (opens in a new tab) claims credit for starting it, after posting a slideshow (opens in a new tab) which offers the hungry viewer a hamburger and ends with the punchline that it will cost you “4 dabloons”, as demanded by a cat holding four claws. (An image that had previously become a meme on Instagram (opens in a new tab).) Others continued the gag with slideshows and videos featuring fresh stew bowls, soup, or entire RPG shopping experiences. (opens in a new tab)while others featured cats and other characters (opens in a new tab)but mostly cats, who handed out the imaginary currency instead.

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