Use your current job as a springboard to do what you love

Katie Cleary always knew she was destined for greater things. Her interest in becoming an actress prompted her to move from the Midwest to Los Angeles, shortly after graduating from college in business and marketing. However, she also had a passion for helping animals and eventually used what she learned in the entertainment industry to pursue her need to help save wildlife around the world. Katie founded her charity Peace 4 Animals at a young age and went on to create the world’s first four-legged news channel called World Animal News.

Katie Cleary

Last August, Katie released her second award-winning documentary, Why the hell, starring Clint Eastwood, which she directed and produced. The film highlights the negative effects of deforestation, illegal wildlife trafficking and the people fighting on the ground to save these animals from extinction and is currently working on his third film about the wolves of Yellowstone Park.

Here, the kind-hearted artist details how she did it.

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Find your passion

“Growing up in Chicago, my family and I would find injured wildlife such as birds that had fallen from nests, baby squirrels, or orphaned raccoons and take them to our vet and then rehabilitate them. When they were strong enough, In 2012, when I started my Peace 4 Animals Foundation, we focused on protecting endangered species while working to help save everything animals. The key is to make your passion your job. This is what inspires me on a daily basis. I wake up knowing that I want to make the world a better place, because of my love for this planet we call home.”

Find your allies

“Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who are on a mission to pass animal welfare legislation is also very important. To create real change, you need to pass laws at the federal and state level. Teaming up with people from the film industry to create eye-opening documentaries has also been critical to mainstream animal welfare globally. Give me shelter, premiered on Netflix in 2015 and our latest movie, why on earthh, premiered last month on streaming platforms including Apple, Amazon and Google Play.”

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Find your belief system

“My faith has truly been the main factor in my success while helping me through difficult times. I have prayed for more clarity on where to go and God has always shown me the right path. I am so grateful to be able to use my entertainment career as a platform for something so much bigger.”

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