VeeFriends Collab Taps Glasses Vintage Frames

When it comes to collaborations in the NFT space, VeeFriends is probably unrivaled, having recently worked on deals with department stores like Macy’s, released limited-edition bottles with whiskey brand Johnny Walker, and high-end merchandise deals. range with designers like Kim Shui.

The most recent collaboration to come as a result of its vibrant intellectual property (IP) is a limited edition pair of ‘Forthright Flamingo’ sunglasses, made possible through a carefully curated partnership with iconic eyewear brand Vintage Frames.

VeeFriends x Vintage Frames

“I got a DM from Gary,” said the Vintage Frames founder Corey Shapiroexplaining how the collaboration came about.

He added that “sometimes DMs are ridiculous things, sometimes they’re nudes, and sometimes they’re business — and I didn’t think he was sending me a nude.”

Shapiro shares that the collaboration has been ongoing for a long time, citing multiple revisions as the main reason for the lengthy process, but that they wanted to make sure every detail was perfect and a ton of care was put into the final product.

The story

Vintage Frames has become an iconic name in the cultural realm of luxury eyewear. The brand was launched by Shapiro in 2008, blending elements of streetwear, luxury fashion and pop culture in the curation and collection of classically inspired frames from around the world.

His store quickly caught the attention of cultural icons like Rick Ross, T-Pain, Mac Miller, Pharrell Williams, 2 Chainz, Wale and hundreds more.

“We don’t just adapt the frames to your face, we adapt the frames to your personality,” Shapiro shared in a YouTube video about the collaboration.

Shapiro shared that while the average optical company has about 10 different lenses, Vintage Frames has over 420 different custom lenses that they use to enhance and personalize vintage designer frames.

The CEO explained that his frame vault is basically “the whole eyewear story – some people might have one or two pieces, we own all the merchandise.”

Brands represented range from Balenciaga, Chanel and Dior to Nina Ricci, Christian Roth and more, all from the early 50s to mid 2000s.

The collaboration

Vintage Frames’ Forthright Flamingo sunglasses mark more than just a limited edition, the collaboration also marks the brand’s grand opening of its Miami location during Art Basel. Which will be located inside Pharrell’s Goodtime Hotel.

“I’m always looking to do creative collaborations that bring value to the community and I’m a huge fan of what Vintage Frames has done,” said VeeFriends CEO Gary Vaynerchuk, adding “for me, Vintage does some of the coolest executives in the world. Obviously the flamingo felt perfect, exactly the kind of character, that Miami vibe. Miami has its moment. It feels like a really perfect collaboration for the character and the brand. And I need a cool pair of sunglasses to rock anyway!”

Staying true to Web3 and rewarding early adopters, VeeFriends Series 1 Forthright Flamingo owners will be able to claim one pair of sunglasses per NFT owned as well as “first in line” access when the storefront opens. Miami in December. 1.

Opportunities to purchase the sunglasses will also be available through the Vintage Frames website – with the 24k gold-plated triple frames available in a variety of sizes and priced at US$155 before taxes and shipping.

This latest collaboration is another testament to the breadth of VeeFriends IP’s reach, successfully running card games, plush toys, sneakers and now eyewear with one of the world’s most iconic brands. ‘industry.

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