Waitress sues Nando’s after cleaning product ‘melts her skin’

Waitress sues Nando’s after cleaning product ‘melts her skin’

Mairi Espie in her graduation gown.

Mairi Espie said she was ‘in absolute agony’ when the accident happened (Picture: SWNS)

A waitress who “felt like her leg was on fire” when a cleaning product “melted her skin” at work is suing Nando’s.

Mairi Espie was changing dishwasher detergent at a branch in Dundee in December 2019 when the accident happened.

When the 21-year-old pulled the old bottle out of the device, she splashed it, soaking her jeans and leaving a three-inch wound that required hospital treatment.

She said: ‘It was absolute agony. I now have a permanent scar left in a very visible place on my body.

“The burn was so painful. It took months to heal properly, but it was the scars that upset me the most.

“I have scars on both legs from splashes everywhere, but the right thigh is the worst.”

“It makes me so nervous to wear shorts or skirts.”

Mairi Espie's injury.

Mairi said the detergent melted the skin on her leg (Picture: SWNS)

Mairi Espie's injury.

Mairi had to go to hospital and the injury took months to heal (Picture: SWNS)

Pictured is Mairi Espie's permanent scar.

Mairi said the permanent scars made her ‘nervous about wearing shorts or skirts’ (Picture: SWNS)

Mairi, who graduated from the University of Abertay in July with a degree in criminology, says she was not given any protective equipment.

“We just expected to crack,” she said.

Nando “strongly” disputed the allegations but could not provide further comment as it was an “ongoing” matter.

Mairi said she did not want to take legal action but “felt she had no choice”.

She added, “I felt like Nando pushed me away like nothing had happened.” But it’s not – how could the skin melting off your leg be nothing?

‘If nothing else, I just hope it makes it safer for others because there must be people all over the country who work in hospitality and see injuries like this all the time and think it’s part of the job, but it’s not.

His solicitor, Simon Hammond, said: ‘Injuries at work are unfortunately very common, but what’s really unfortunate is how preventable they are.

“If Nando had followed simple protective measures, Mairi would not have suffered as she did and one only has to look at the photo of her burn to imagine the pain she must have felt.”

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