Walmart shooting survivor files $50,000,000 against company

A survivor of the mass shooting at a Walmart has filed a lawsuit against her former employer (Picture: Getty)

A survivor of the mass shooting at a Virginia Walmart last week has filed a massive $50 million lawsuit against the company for continuing to employ the manager who opened fire on its staff.

The suit was worn by Donya Prioleau, who had worked as a night store clerk and staff trainer at the store in Chesapeake, Va., since May 2021.

On November 22, the store’s night manager, Andre Bing, opened fire on staff members and shoppers.

Prioleau is seeking damages from the retail giant for continuing to employ Bing, which had several complaints filed against it.

A Walmart employee signs a note on a wooden cross near the site of a shooting at the Chesapeake Walmart Supercenter on November 28, 2022 in Chesapeake, Virginia (Photo: Getty Images)

“Walmart knew or should have known of Mr. Bing’s disturbing and threatening behavior, but did not fire Mr. Bing, restrict his access to common areas, subject him to a background investigation or ‘has undergone a mental health examination,’ the lawsuit states.

The costume details Prioleau’s experience during filming, where she “saw several of her colleagues brutally murdered on either side of her”.

The lawsuit continues: “Ms. Prioleau looked one of her colleagues in the eye just after being shot in the neck. Ms. Prioleau saw the wounded bullet in her colleague’s neck, the blood flowing from it and the look of shock on her helpless colleague’s face.

But more than two months before the massacre, Prioleau brought Bing’s strange and threatening behavior to the attention of his superiors. They disciplined him, but retained him as an employee and manager.

A memorial is seen in the parking lot after a mass shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia (Photo: REUTERS)

On Sept. 10, Prioleau filed a lawsuit against Bing after he made inappropriate comments about his size, financial situation and age, the lawsuit says. According to Prioleau, Bing asked him ‘is your lady clock not ticking? Shouldn’t you have kids?

The lawsuit lists a number of bizarre comments Bing made to Prioleau or other staff members. He apparently told co-workers that he purposely ran over a turtle with a lawnmower, that the government was watching him, and asked Prioleau if he could “borrow his hair.”

He also reportedly told co-workers he planned to retaliate against the company if they ever took disciplinary action against him, saying “people will remember my name”.

Bing also allegedly left signs indicating a fixation on guns and gunfire. During one conversation, he asked Prioleau if she liked guns, and days before his attack, he asked the staff if they had received active shooter training.

Prioleau is asking Walmart for $50 million to pay for medical bills and cover lost wages.

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