Wednesday Fashion: What to wear if you’re obsessed with the Addams Family Netflix series?

Wednesday Addams and the Addams Family have been icons of goth fashion since the 1960s, when the first television series came out. Now with the release of the Netflix series Wednesday, we were able to immerse ourselves in the imaginary world of Wednesday Addams and his adventures at Nevermore Academy. With these new adventures we’ve encountered a new cast of characters and with them a host of fabulous costumes that can be recreated in everyday life.

From Wednesday’s absolutely iconic black-and-white-only cuts, to Enid’s candy-colored suits, to principal Larissa Weems’ polished and sophisticated looks, there’s a little something for everyone about colorful. cast of characters on Wednesday.

So if you just watched one of the most stylized contributions to the 2022 TV Schedulethis guide will help you find fun outfits inspired by the Netflix series Wednesday.

(Image credit: Netflix)

Wednesday Addams

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