Wednesday’s surprise ending explained

Wednesday’s surprise ending explained

Wednesday spoilers follow

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) times at Nevermore Academy on by Netflix Wednesday was not at all as she expected. From the moment she set foot in the school, she was quickly drawn into the growing mystery surrounding the murders of outcasts and normeds in the surrounding area, and then came to the conclusion that only she could stumble upon the truth.

With Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) and Sheriff Donovan (Jamie McShane) in his path, the race to stop the monster, the little-known Hyde, has grown increasingly complicated, resulting in only more deaths. How did it all go? Let us explain.

The end of Wednesday explained

After weeks of setbacks and dead ends, the final moments of episode seven shake things up for our hapless protagonist. Wednesday arrives at the local cafe to meet Tyler (Hunter Doohan), finally ready to act on her growing feelings for him. The two kisses (which is actually Wednesday’s first kiss) and physical contact prompt Wednesday to have one of his visions. She sees the Hyde kill Dr. Kinbott and then become Tyler.

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The season finale picks up days later after Wednesday rushes out of the cafe and leaves Tyler confused. She confronts him, asking him how long he’s known he was a Hyde and when Dr. Kinbott unleashed the monster within him to do his bidding.

Tyler acts innocent, begging Wednesday to see reason, before asking if she faced him alone. No, she replies, before a group of her new allies – including Bianca (Joy Sunday) – emerge.

Outraged, Tyler asks to leave as the group surrounds him. Bianca uses her siren’s song on him, lulling him into complacency as they chain him up in the campus hangar. However, when Wednesday prepares his tools to torture Tyler into revealing the truth, Bianca and the others are disgusted and go to Principal Weems, who then calls Tyler’s father.

The sheriff stops Wednesday just short of injuring Tyler, taking him into custody and the local police station, but Wednesday avoids kidnapping charges. She is free to go. Considering the amount of trouble she got into at Nevermore, Weems officially decided to kick her out.

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Before leaving the station to return to Nevermore, Tyler confronts Wednesday alone, coming clean. He’s the Hyde and loves murder, almost relishing the delicious fear of his victims. Her feelings for Wednesday were never real and everything that happened was part of her master’s plan.

Upon returning to Nevermore, Enid (Emma Meyers) tearfully helps her best friend pack her things to go home the next day. The two almost hug, but Wednesday’s revulsion at human contact wins out.

When Wednesday discovers that Eugene (Moosa Mostafa) has woken up from his life-threatening experience, she arranges for Weems to get him to the hospital before the train station. Although Eugene doesn’t remember much of the night of the fire, he does recall a bright light illuminating the red boots of the person who set the cave on fire, officially tying everything in Wednesday’s mind. . She knows who Tyler’s master is.

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Instead of going to the station, Wednesday returns to Nevermore to find Mrs. Thornhill (Christina Ricci) tending to her plants in her bright red boots.

Mrs. Thornhill is revealed to be the mastermind behind all the misfortune that befell Nevermore, the lost daughter Laurel who secretly set up Wednesday all along.

He’s the person who coerced Tyler into becoming the Hyde by attacking the memory of his dead mother, who was actually a Hyde herself and dated Nevermore before falling in love with the Sheriff. When Tyler walks into the room, she tries to order him to take care of Wednesday, but he doesn’t listen. Could her feelings for Wednesday be real, stronger than the control she has over him?

Alas, Tyler is actually the main shapeshifter Weems, who just heard Laurel’s full confession. However, before Weems can do anything about it, Laurel injects her with nightshade poison and kills her. Laurel then hits Wednesday in the head with a shovel and knocks him out.

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Laurel takes Wednesday to the crypt of Joseph Crackstone (William Houston), where her plan comes to fruition. Using Goodie Addams’ Book of Shadows and the potted pieces of Tyler’s victims, she uses magic to resurrect him. Seeing Wednesday as a threat, he stabs her in the abdomen, leaving her bleeding in the crypt as he and Laurel head to Nevermore to begin Crackstone’s life’s work of eradicating the world’s outcasts all over again.

Wednesday lies in the crypt, bleeding, as she is visited by the spirit of her ancestor Goodie Addams. Goodie tells Wednesday that the way to kill Crackstone is her black heart and that she can save Wednesday’s life, but there is a cost: Goodie will disappear forever. So Wednesday lives, heading for the forest to stop Crackstone before he can get his revenge.

Unfortunately, Tyler finds her first and transforms. Without hesitation, he rushes in on Wednesday to deliver the killing blow, but she is protected by her newly “hired” friend Enid (thanks to the blood moon). She now has the ability and strength to fight Tyler.

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Still, that’s not enough because Tyler is completely savage, but Enid isn’t fighting alone. The Sheriff, Tyler’s father, finally accepts what his son has become and shoots him before he can kill Enid. This injures Tyler and knocks him out, turning him back to a human again, while a bloody Enid heads to Nevermore to find Wednesday.

As Crackstone begins its attack on Nevermore, Wednesday arrives for the duel and the prophesied fight finally comes to pass. Like his father, Wednesday’s weapon of choice is a sword, but is at a disadvantage given Crackstone’s mystical abilities.

In a moment of distraction, Xavier (Percy Hynes White) comes to help Wednesday and shoots an arrow at Crackstone, which he simply flips up in the air and shoots at Xavier. Wednesday takes the arrow in the shoulder to protect Xavier, her feelings for him now undeniable, and yells at him to leave the school.

Crackstone nearly kills again on Wednesday after breaking his sword, but Bianca provides another distraction by stabbing Crackstone in the back. He pushes her away, giving Wednesday the opportunity to grab a piece of her broken sword and plunge into her black heart. Crackstone dissolves in an inferno of fire, while Bianca and Wednesday give each other grateful looks.

Wednesday and the remaining students leave the school, where a bloody Enid reunites with her best friend and the two share a long grateful embrace.

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The next morning, after all the death and destruction, Nevermore is closed for the rest of the semester and the kids are sent home…but not without cliffhangers. Not everything was wrapped up in Wednesday’s survey. The threatening text message and pictures of herself she receives from a stalker on her new cellphone – given to her by Xavier, in hopes of staying in touch while they’re away – promise more danger if and when she returns.

All in all, there’s a lot more story to tell after the Wednesday final season. Wednesday’s friendships with Enid and Bianca have just reached another level, which will certainly bring good growth to the introverted heroine.

Her romance with Xavier is no longer torn apart by her feelings for Tyler. Also, the school needs a new headmaster, which should definitely shake things up since no one cared about Nevermore like Weems. Also, Tyler and Laurel still pose a threat, especially since Tyler potentially escaped after transforming.

The first full season of Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix.

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