Why is the Fantom (FTM) price going up today? Is Andre Cronje officially back?

Fantom Founder Andre Cronje shared the goals and priorities for the upcoming year 2023 on Monday. Over the next 12 months, the primary focus will be to create a sustainable environment for DApp developers, while distinguishing themselves from others. layer 1 solutions.

The focus will be on gas monetization, gas subsidies, account abstraction, gas fee economic abstraction, new Fantom Virtual Machine middleware, etc.


Additionally, Andre Cronje is officially back as a board member of Fantom Foundation Ltd and Fantom Operations Ltd.

Fantom founder Andre Cronje plans for 2023

On December 26, Fantom founder Andre Cronje announced plans for 2023, shared in a letter to the Fantom Foundation. He claims that Fantom was born in a bear market and will continue to build, grow and improve to make the most of this bear market.

Fantom plans to provide the highest throughput blockchain that offers a single secure settlement layer for all decentralized activities. Andre Cronje believes that all decentralized applications should be able to benefit from the same basic security layer.

“The role of our Foundation is not to choose one corporate vertical, it is to enable a base layer that can facilitate all verticals. We shouldn’t focus on vertical users. We need to focus on developer verticals: improving tools, integration, usability, developer UX, etc. »

The main goal for the next 12 months is to create a sustainable environment for DApp developers. Additionally, Fantom wants to distinguish itself from other Layer 1 solutions.

The primary focus for 2023 includes gas monetization, gas subsidies, account abstraction, and gas fee economic abstraction. Additionally, the team will be working on new middleware for Fantom Virtual Machine and a new storage mechanism. EVM remains the main bottleneck for the team.

The team will take a closer look at documentation and training for new builders and non-blockchain native developers. This will help achieve the base layer scaling goal and make it easier for builders to build Dapps and embedded users.

Fantom will focus on improving finances, providing funding and grant opportunities for dapp teams, and prioritizing building a better marketing and business development team by Q2 2023.

FTM price skyrockets due to Andre Cronje return

Andre Cronje has officially returned to Fantom. Cronje revealed that he had accepted the position of board member of Fantom Foundation Ltd and Fantom Operations Ltd. André Cronje’s LinkedIn profile also confirmed his return.

As a result, the Fantom Token (FTM) price has risen by more than 2% in the past 24 hours. Currently, the FTM price is trading at $0.2053.

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