Yellow is the new black as World Cup fashion sweeps through Brazil

SAO PAULO, Dec. 3 – In a yellow and green outfit with matching shoes, eye glitter and nail polish, Julia Barbosa is on her way to watch Brazil’s big game at a Sao Paulo bar.

But it looks like she could be strutting down a catwalk modeling the latest trend in Brazilian fashion: World Cup style.

As the five-time champions campaign to claim their sixth world title, the 24-year-old marketing student is leading her own campaign.

“I’m going to look different for every game,” Barbosa says proudly, posing for photos in the outfit she bought for Brazil’s opener against Serbia on Thursday.

Next, she says: a bikini top and shorts in the colors of the flag, which have flooded the streets, shop windows and online stores in Brazil as the soccer-crazed nation kicks off its World Cup celebration.

The team won their first two matches and qualified for the knockout stage of the tournament.

Some Brazilians have shunned yellow and green in recent years, which have been associated with incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro and his far-right base.

But with the World Cup underway and Bolsonaro on the verge of extinction after losing last month’s election to left-leaning president-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, fans are once again embracing “Brazilcore,” heavyweight streetwear fashion. national pride symbols and the yellow, green and blue of the flag.

Pop superstar Anitta and an army of social media influencers pushed the trend by redefining the symbolism of yellow and green.

The trend “aims to regain pride in national colors, giving all Brazilians a sense of belonging, regardless of their politics”, said Katia Lamarca of the European Institute of Design (IED) in Sao Paulo.

LGBT influencer Lucas Belami, 20, was dressed for Brazil’s opening match in a sleeveless yellow top embossed with a glittering Brazilian flag.

“The LGBT community deserves to wear these colors with pride again,” he said, smiling at another Sao Paulo bar.

Engineer Vivianny Sales, 31, also sparkled in a form-fitting blue sequin T-shirt.

“I wanted to shine, and I want the team to shine too,” she told AFP.

Flip flops and sex appeal

“Brazil is the land of football, and it’s important that fashion listens to what consumers – who are also football fans – want,” said fashion analyst Paula Acioli.

“He has to have the right timing, be attractive and assertive.”

A major Brazilian brand, flip-flop maker Havaianas, has launched a new range of products ahead of the World Cup celebrating “brasilidade”, or brazilianness, with yellow and green sandals stamped with Neymar and Pele’s iconic number 10.

“Brands know the emotional pull of an event of this magnitude,” Lamarca said.

“That can translate into purchases and increase profits.”

The Rio de Janeiro Farm brand has meanwhile launched a line featuring sleeveless T-shirts stamped with slang and double meanings, such as “Pra jogo”, which can mean both “ready to play” and “available”. “.

Men have not been left out of the World Cup fashion frenzy.

Shop windows and online shops are full of World Cup-themed men’s clothing, with options going far beyond the traditional national team shirt, and sometimes even bordering on stylish.

Neymar and his team led the way, arriving in Qatar dressed in sleek, lightweight suits by famed Brazilian designer Ricardo Almeida.

Almeida said the trend could be here to stay – “especially if Brazil win the World Cup”. — Studio ETX

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