Yellowjackets star Christina Ricci teases ‘more shocking’ season 2

Yellowjackets star Christina Ricci teases ‘more shocking’ season 2

yellow jackets star Christina Ricci revealed that things were about to get “even crazier” in Season 2.

The second season is currently filming and Ricci explained what fans should expect to see, teasing that things will get “crazier, more shocking”.

The survival drama centers on a high school football team in the ’90s after their plane crashes in the desert, with fans following the characters’ teen and adult timelines.

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“I can’t really go into detail, but I will say the first two scripts had the whole cast gasping,” Ricci said. HEY. “So it’s even wilder.”

the Lord of the Rings Actor Elijah Wood has joined the second season of the survival drama and it looks like he’ll be spending a lot of time with Ricci’s character, Misty.

According Varietythe Frodo Baggins actor will play the entirety of Season 2 and play Citizen Detective Walter, who unexpectedly challenges Misty.

“It’s really fun, it’s exciting. After our first season, people loved the show, so they’re excited to be there and it was really fun,” Ricci said of the host’s reception. new cast members.

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“Most of my scenes – not to spoil anything – but a lot of my scenes this season have been with Elijah Wood and it’s wonderful to work with him again. We just had a great time.”

Fans will have to wait a bit for season 2 to air, as filming isn’t expected to wrap until February next year, but bosses are keen not to rush anything.

Showrunner Bart Nickerson said The envelope“One thing about the show that’s been going really well that maybe I didn’t anticipate is Ashley’s responsibility [Lyle] and me and Jonathan and the whole team feel like we’re earning the level of affection that the audience is showing.

“The idea of ​​delivering something that wasn’t as good as the first season was just too much to bear. So I said, ‘I think we should take a little more time with this and make sure that’s really good.'”

yellow jackets is available on Sky and NOW in the UK, and Showtime in the US.

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